First Warning

This blog will cover the parts of my life I can remember. I will strive for more or less cronological order. I am going all the way from the time I was small to the present. There will be kindness, cruelty, adventures, meanness, active sex - mine and others, drugs, drinking, smoking of assorted kinds, and probably some foul language. Will you run or will you stay? Your choice. Do NOT whine if you are offended.

From the original child to my early teens when I lived as a rural farm girl just learning about sex we will continue to the months I spent as a runaway, my return as a "hippie" and the conflict it caused. The second exodus, that lead to self sufficency, will cover to pregnacy, married with children and extend excruciatingly through destroyed ex-wife and mother. We will then follow the wandering accoustic entertainer/hitchhiker through the US, several relationships and one more marriage that topples before we reach my currently stable and content life.

It was an amazing trip.

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At 25/2/05 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, sounds similar to me - must be a whole generation of us


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