Jay, Day, Say and Ee lived across the street on the south side. Down and across the other way Dee, Vim and their brothers Doo and Uoo lived. We had enough kids for most games and they all had real bikes! Sometimes they would let us have turns. That was great!

We'd get better accquainted later, have fights, divisions, reunions, aplologies, and all the rest that a group of almost 20 has to deal with. Right now, day one, we only knew Jay and Day and sort of knew Say, Ee and Bay, their older brothers. Their dad was our mailman and Jay was the victim in the yo-yo incident.

At the end of our block was Way, an only child, I think. He didn't play with us very often. I never learned much about him, he was pretty quiet.

Across the street from him were May, Nay and their little brother, Quay. Next to them were an older boy Doy, his older sister La, sister younger, my age, also named Val, and a younger brother, Fee.

That was the neighborhood. We lived here till I was 12.

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At 29/4/05 10:31 PM, Blogger Connie said...

Your hair style looked the same as mine when I was that age - had to check your age - I'm 49. We have the same tastes in music. Found your journal while searching in glob of blogs on piano.


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