Wha'd he say?

Now I knew about hospital gowns, I was going to learn about consulting doctors and the English language.

Dr. Unus did not keep us waiting long. When he burst into the room he resembled a caveman in a white jacket. He was short, bulky, thick and strong looking. Every where his skin showed there was black, stiff hair sticking out. His arms were coated, his neck even had hair on it. He had a thick beard and mustache but a big bald spot on top of his head. Even his eyebrows were stiff and bushy looking.

He spoke quietly with my doctor for a moment over by the door then came striding up to the table where I watched aprehensivly. He was big and a little scary looking. Then he spoke to me. "Und hos dis grul, she don fel gut?"

I stared at him. Probably my jaw hung open. He may as well have been speaking Klingon, I would have had a better chance of understanding him. He reached out and put one hand on my tummy. "Dar ist pan?"

I just stared again, until he curled his fingers into my guts. "OW!" I shrieked and tried to slide away but Nurse was holding my shoulders now and I was stuck!

"Ah,ah,ah, mowe nut!" He admonished me mysteriously as he moved his hands around and poked different places, several of them making me scream. By the time he finished I was crying.

"Viv mama ve spek now, ja?" He said as he took mom's arm and led her and our doctor out of the room again.

I just laid there in shock. How was he supposed to help me if I didn't know what he was saying? I didn't even know what language it was! Maybe he was an alien!

Then my dad came in the door. I looked and the clock and realized he had just gotten off work and must have come right up. I could smell the oil, smoke, greasy garage scent of him and it comforted me.

"So wha'dja break this time, kid?" He said as he walked over to the table. I was hurting just then and couldn't answer him but I tried to smile at him to show I knew he was just teasing me. He took one of my hands that was pressing on my stomach and held it. This was like the President calling you up to have dinner with him. While we played and romped and there were hugs and such, Dad was not usually demonstrative with affection outside the home. I felt better right away and then I got even more scared. What had the doctors told him that made him all mushy with me? I would have bet I was dying then, beyond help.

The pain in my gut let up but all the rest of me started to shake. I was really getting myself worked up now! I was the one sick and no one would tell me anything!

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