Another Move

There are more stories from the white house but the ones that affected me the most are here, I think. If I forgot any we will come back to them later.

I guess I should throw in here that my mate went to the same church we did til I was about 9 and then we switched churches. We used to race around the building during the break between Sunday School and Services. I thought he was cute when he was 7 and I was 5. When we were about 9 and 11 I was in a kids program with him and watched him learn to do a 4 strand braid in a flash while I fumbled around with mine.

Then both our great grand parents lost their partners and married each other so we both had the same great grandparents and would see each other at family dinners and parties.

Our story starts way back here. I just wanted to mention it in passing because at the time, that's all it was, being in the same places sometimes.

The landlord again notified the folks that the house was up for sale. Being large, in town, on a corner lot with a garage and a nice yard it was more than they could afford at the time. We were looking for a new place to live.

Renting with 5 kids and a dog and a cat was not easy. As we got closer to the deadline for moving things got a little tense around the house. Trying to pack us all up was a killer, too.

Dad worked on race cars, motorcycles and pretty much anything else with a motor that was broken. The garage was a project in itself. Five kids collect a lot of stuff plus beds and clothes. And the kitchen! We could feed half an army with the pots and pans and they could all have a real plate!

While we didn't know it at the time there was a story behind the next home we had. When my town Grampa and Grama were younger they wanted to move from their apartment downtown into a lovely little bungalow by the river with a big yard. They didn't have enough saved to pull it off by themselves. My great Aunt, grama's sister, bought the house and sold it back to them on a landcontract.

Now they were in a little better shape and decided to buy us a house and do the same for my parents. Mom and Dad found a brick two story farm house on a pond with state land on three sides and got it for less then than you pay for a great used car today.

The good news was we would have the whole outdoors to play in. The bad news is now we would be, OMG!, Bus Kids!

Stay tuned for the Red House stories!

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first time visitor, i like your straightforwardness. we share a similar interest in reading your profile.


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