There's a Red House over Yonder

The red house move is a story all in itself. We had a limited time to get out of the house in town and the people in the red house didn't want to move out. They were finally evicted but totally trashed the place. The kitchen was bad enough painted a dark purple, add obsenities in black paint on the walls and it was pretty dreary. The basement was just a dirt "Michigan" basement and had been used as a bathroom. It was that way all over the poor house and toss in garbage, unbagged, all over for the final picture. Ick!

The good news was it sat on 5 acres+, had a pond about 50 yards east of the house that fed down to aand was state land on three sides. There was a large tree out in the west side yard just screaming to be climbed and a forest across the road and behind the house it went all around the pond for wandering and hunting in. Aside from the cars doing 90 mph down the road, it was perfect.

There was a massive family and friends clean up day, of course, to get the place at least fit to live in. We cursed the previous tenants with every bucket of filth and trash we hauled out and breathed deeply of the pine and pond scented air the second we were ou the door.

There was a pile of stuff to burn and bury at the end of the drive and Dad got our attention when he hauled the TV off the truck and dropped it on top of the pile. He looked at us all watching him, bent over, picked up a rock and said, "This is why you don't throw balls in the house," then proceeded to put the 4 inch rock through the vaccuume tube.

It EXPLODED! BOOM! and shot glass everywhere. Mom screamed, "ARR! What are you DOING!"

"I'll never get a lick of work out of these kids if they sit around all day watching the boob tube," he exclaimed! "Now they won't be."

Stunned is as close a word as I can find to fit how we felt. Appalled in in there, too. Wow! No TV ever and no appeal, that really reeked.

Now we were bus kids with no TV. Great!

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