Things happen

I didn't really live at the pond a long time. It just seemed like a life time because we were so young. It was only really about 4 years. A lot happened in those years, to all of us, that affected what kind of adults we would be later or that grew to be favorite stories to tell our children.

Since I lost my mate in January I have not been able to post here. I was just getting to the the part where we get re-accquainted as he was fishing one day. The part where he rode by and saw me mowing the lawn in my swimsuit the day before and so decided he was going to marry me. I just have not been able to write it the way I want to and don't know that I can, yet.

So to get moving on I am going to try to condense that part of my life and move on. It really was only a year or two and I was doing other things besides being in love with the someday mate. I will come back and share it with you soon.

Thanks for understanding, this blog is not dead, just in shock.

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At 25/5/06 3:57 PM, Blogger Amber said...

Complete understanding, babe.

I've tried to write some things about my actual relationship with Hansel, vs. just the aftermath of his death. Yet it's still too hard yet, still too fresh.

Come back when you feel ready. We'll be waiting for ya.


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